How to buy $TASKC

Step 1: Connect your wallet


Open “Metamask” or one of the other 300+ supported wallets on your phone, visit our website using the integrated browser and click connect. Select the app from “Connect Wallet” and click “Approve”.


Open your “Google Chrome” browser, click “Connect Wallet” and approve in your “Metamask” extension or any other wallet through WalletConnect.

Step 2: Select payment method

Select your method of purchase (ETH, USDT) and input the amount of currency you want to spend or the amount of tokens you want to receive.Follow the instructions for the selected method of payment:

Buy with ETH

  • Enter amount of currency
  • Press “Buy Now” button
  • Accept transaction in Metamask

Buy with USDT

  • Enter amount of currency
  • Press “Buy Now” button
  • Check wallet and “Use default” in custom spending cap
  • Click “Next” and “Approve”
  • Wait for confirmation
  • Open wallet again and "Confirm" the transaction

Please bear in mind that when using the Ethereum network, you also need to pay the transaction gas fee.

Step 3: Check your balance

Once your transaction has been completed and confirmed, please refresh the page and you will be able to see your current balance of tokens. Your wallet must be connected in order for the balance to be displayed.

Step 4: Claim tokens!

Once the presale ends, you will be able to connect your wallet and claim your tokens. Click “claim tokens” button and accept the transaction in your wallet.

Note that you will have to manually add the token contract in your wallet in order to see your balance. Here’s how to do it.