Why Invest in TaskChain

TaskChain’s concept

  • A Web3 earning platform utilizing gamification with never seen before features

  • Brings extra monetary value to user’s everyday activities by integrating exciting videogame-like experiences into real life tasks

  • Fosters financial inclusion by being available worldwide

  • Provides a new way of customer acquisition for partners

  • Educative functions are integrated in platform’s features

Long-term goals

  • Bringing new loveable features to the Web3 market that will become a part of user’s everyday routines

  • Capturing a significant portion of the growing Web3 market, while also educating and being accessible to newcomers

  • Integrating TaskChain’s platform into virtual/augmented reality to make interaction with the platform even more engaging and entertaining

Market overview

The global micro-tasking market was valued at US$1.567 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.28% over the forecast period to reach a total market size of US$3.108 billion in 2027.

A report from 360 Market Updates projected that the global Play-to-Earn NFT Gamesmarket size was valued at US$3.29 billion in 2022 and will reach US$8.86 billion in 2028, with a CAGR of 17.93% during 2022-2028.

Note that these references are the closest relatable to what TaskChain is developing. While partly utilizing the mechanics of traditional micro-tasking and Play-to-Earn games with NFTs, TaskChain’s approach to these features is new, fresh and different.

Quick overview of TaskChain’s features

Quest2Earn is the core feature that utilizes a concept often seen in videogames that especially gamers will be familiar with. TaskChain’s platform will host a cast of NPCs (non-player characters) that will interact with users by providing tasks (”Quests”). Each of these NPCs will have it’s own section. The planned sections are Learning, Trading, Travelling, Shopping, Gaming and Gambling/Betting. Users will be able to chose their favourite section and individual Quests. Completing Quests will award platform experience points and $TASKC tokens, TaskChain’s native cryptocurrency.

Work2Earn is a secondary feature that allows connection between digital employers and workers/freelancers with extra features.

Compete2Earn is a complementary feature which functions as a way to reward users for their activity while keeping them hooked by utilizing videogame-like progression system.

Quest2Earn cash flow

Sustainability Graphics

Quest2Earn feature’s sustainability is based on distributing a big part of the income earned from affiliate programs and paid partnerships back into the system. 50% will be used to finance Quest rewards, 25% will be used as other rewards on the platform and some stored in reserve and remaining 25% will finance the platform’s overhead.

Quest2Earn - Learning section overview

Quest App Interface Image

In 2023, the crypto world has experienced exponential growth with a staggering 420 million users worldwide. As this number keeps increasing, so does the demand for knowledge. Millions of newcomers are diving into the crypto realm, eager for trustworthy sources of education to build their understanding.

Recognizing this, TaskChain capitalizes on the growing need by either collaborating with established educational groups or pioneering our own. This venture isn't just about knowledge; it's about fostering a community. By funneling the returns from the educational group, we're not only providing top-tier education but also the chance for learners to earn crypto rewards. This win-win approach enhances engagement, offers value, and drives loyalty.

Quest2Earn - Trading section overview

Number of identity-verified crypto-asset users from 2016 to  December 2022

With the global crypto user count surpassing 420 million in 2023, trading has become an essential skill for many aiming to maximize their returns. Both seasoned traders and eager newcomers are constantly on the lookout for ways to enrich their trading journey.

TaskChain's Trading Section addresses this desire head-on. Beyond being just a repository of trading quests, we're building a holistic ecosystem. Our integrated Learning Section ensures that newcomers have a guiding hand, offering them resources to grasp trading nuances. For adept traders, the allure of additional rewards for completing quests will be hard to resist. Seamlessly combining education with incentive-driven tasks, TaskChain is crafting a unified, user-centric experience set to captivate a global audience.

Quest2Earn - Travelling section overview

Number of international tourist arrivals worldwide from 2005 to 2022

Despite a dip in global travel arrivals in 2022, clocking in at 963 million due to lingering COVID-19 effects, it's essential to remember the robust figure of 1.46 billion arrivals in 2019. This reflects the innate human desire to explore, learn, and experience the world.

TaskChain's Travelling Section taps into this universal appeal. Our ambition extends beyond just integrating travel quests; we're keen on forming synergies with industry leaders. A partnership with Travala, for instance, is on our radar. Such collaborations will not only enhance our platform's offerings but also provide our users with unique experiences and rewards, intertwining the world of crypto with the joy of travel. As the global travel industry rebounds, TaskChain is poised to be at the intersection of exploration and incentivized engagements.

Quest2Earn - Shopping section overview

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2025

E-commerce's digital embrace has spanned the globe. With a staggering 2.64 billion online shoppers, which equates to 33.3% of the global population, the digital shopping arena is ripe for innovative integrations.

At the heart of this evolution stands TaskChain's Shopping Section. Beyond the realm of simple transactions, we're looking to redefine the online shopping experience. Think beyond the traditional cashback; envision a world where every purchase not only offers discounts but also awards you with crypto rewards. This dual-reward model aims to enhance the appeal of online shopping even further.

While our digital focus is robust, we're not limiting our vision to just the online world. We aspire to bring the benefits of our platform to the real world. Our ambition includes forging potential partnerships, with establishments like grocery stores, to integrate our reward mechanisms. As the lines between digital and physical commerce blur, TaskChain positions itself at this exciting intersection, aiming to redefine the way the world shops.

Quest2Earn - Gaming section overview

Global active gamers from 2015 to 2024

The gaming industry, a colossal realm with 3.09 billion active video gamers, is on an unstoppable ascent, projected to touch 3.32 billion enthusiasts by 2024. The dynamism, competition, and commitment evident in this world resonate deeply with what TaskChain envisions for its users.

Our Quest2Earn feature draws parallels to the quest-based mechanics familiar to fans of iconic games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and others. We aim to blend the thrill of gaming quests with the real-world advantage of earning. But our aspirations don't halt at mere game mechanics.

Recognizing the powerful promotional methods employed by games like Warships and Rise of the Kingdoms, we see an opportunity to venture into similar affiliate realms. Such collaborations would not only enhance TaskChain's visibility in the gaming universe but also unlock avenues to provide users with rewarding experiences, making their gaming pursuits even more worthwhile. TaskChain is poised to mesh the allure of gaming with tangible benefits, creating a hybrid platform like no other.

Quest2Earn - Gambling/Betting section overview

Global gambling market forecast to grow at a CAGR of 6,6%

The allure of chance and potential for reward has made gambling a persistent global phenomenon. The figures speak volumes: 26% of the world’s population, amounting to a staggering 2 billion individuals, tried their luck in gambling in 2023. Even more remarkably, over 4.2 billion people – more than half the global populace – dabble in betting activities at least once annually.

This immense market, which scaled a monumental value of nearly $449.04 billion in 2022, thrives on the promise of greater rewards and leaderboards that add an element of competition to the mix. TaskChain recognizes these intricacies and the insatiable desire of gamblers for enhanced incentives.

We envision a system where affiliations in the betting sphere can provide our users with these very coveted additional rewards and bonuses. By meshing with the gambling world, TaskChain aims to offer its users the best of both domains: the thrill of betting enhanced by the biggest rewards on our platform. It's a winning hand for every stakeholder in this integration.

Why is TaskChain a great opportunity for an investment?

In the digital age, the race to innovation is ceaseless, but TaskChain is not just running the race; we're defining it. Merging the intrinsic aspects of daily activities with GameFi and micro-task elements, we're shaping an entirely unique approach to digital earnings. This fusion has positioned TaskChain at the vanguard of a new earning type, where mundane routines metamorphose into rewarding endeavors.

Gleaning insights from flourishing sectors like micro-tasking, projected to touch a valuation of US$3.108 billion by 2027, and the surging Play-to-Earn NFT space anticipated to reach $8.86 billion by 2028, TaskChain's mission transcends replication. We're at the helm of innovation, crafting a groundbreaking earning mechanism that remains unparalleled in the crypto sphere.

Millions of people looking for additional earning opportunities, which TaskChain aims to provide.

By investing in TASKC at the current price of $0.004, investors stand to gain a potential ROI of 175% upon listing at a price of $0.011. And this is just the beginning! With upcoming centralized exchange listings and the platform's launch, the price is anticipated to surge even further, offering investors an even more lucrative return on their investment.

In the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, timing is everything. TaskChain's strategic development during the current bear market positions us uniquely. As we lay down a solid foundation now, we anticipate reaping the rewards as the market sentiment turns bullish in 2024. Our early investors stand to benefit not just from the intrinsic growth of TaskChain and its features but also from the larger market momentum that a bull run promises. Investing in TaskChain now is not just a vote of confidence in our vision but also a strategic move in sync with the larger market dynamics.

But what sets TaskChain apart?

By being unique in it’s concept, TaskChain’s platform doesn’t have comparable competitors. But let’s have a look at the microtasking sector. On average traditional microtasking (activities like filling in questionnaires, detecting objects in pictures etc.) rewards range from $0,5 - $1. TaskChain’s system enables a dramatic rise in these values by securing partnerships with many external subjects and taking advantage of affiliate programs by integrating them into platform’s custom Quests. Furthermore, users will be able to boost their earning by owning unique NFTs with reward multiplier function.

Our vision is to become the globe's premier earning platform, unrivalled in popularity and impact. By establishing a novel niche, we're laying the foundation for the next big thing in digital earnings. TaskChain isn't just a project; it's a movement. Join us as we architect the future of decentralized earning platforms.

What advantages await you upon investing into TaskChain?

This is a glimpse of rewards that will be available to $TASKC token presale participants based on their investment.

Tier 1

1-4.999 USD

  • Get TASKC tokens at a very low price

  • 120K competition entry (requires owning minimum $100 worth of TASKC)

  • Early access for platform testing

  • “Reward multiplier NFT” whitelist

Tier 2

5.000-19.999 USD

  • Tier 1 benefits

  • Bronze TaskChain reward box

  • Special perks in TaskVerse

Tier 3

20.000-99.999 USD

  • Tier 1 and 2 benefits

  • Silver TaskChain reward box

  • Get into the project’s “backstage”, chat with the team, make priority suggestions

  • “Share NFT” whitelist - 0.1%-5% of platform earnings for the NFT holder

Tier 4

100.000 USD+

  • All tier benefits

  • Golden TaskChain reward box

  • Random “Share NFT” - from 0.1%-5% of platform earnings for the NFT holder

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